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Five Stars Trading
  • Manufacturers and Brand Owners

    We absolutely understand that many companies do not wish their stock to be sold everywhere, as this can ruin all the hard work they have carried out and it will have negative consequences on their future business in years to come, so we are equipped to de-brand stock or sell to an agreed country only.

    We have heard many horror stories over the years were some companies have won contracts, moved the goods and after a few days they turn up for sale causing major disruptions. We are an open and honest company and we would never do that to you, we are here to help and protect your investments and work together with you as a team.

  • Who We Are & What We Do

    Our team collaborates with manufacturer and distributors throughout the process, and over time getting to know their goals and ambition. They are all partners – working together to show how real trade could be different, and fair. It is a collaborative process of learning and trading simultaneously. We understand every angle of the work required, which comes from our 10 years of experience.

    Since our start in 2010, 5 Stars Trading Ltd. has led the way in proving that our services are professionally conducted throughout our large network.

    We have our own Logistics and Warehouse system and are proud of being able to supply what our customers need when they need it.

    As a VAT registered business, we give you that peace of mind and 100% reliable service – ask any of our buyers or sellers!

    We work with major funding so the size of the deal is no problem and will always be paid in advance. We are accessible anytime, so contacting us will never a problem.

Our Reputation

5 Stars Trading is a family business based in Manchester, specialists in supplying goods with the best value and quality. We have warehouse space of more than 93,000 sq ft, with successful worldwide logistics and warehousing systems. We are the most leading importers with a wide network in the distribution in the UK and Europe.

​As an expert buyer and importer located in Manchester, we attribute our reputation to the lasting client relationships we have built our business strategic partners from Logistic, and Warehouse service since 2010. We believe that the partners always comes first - which means exceptional products, exceptional pricing and truly exceptional service.

Customer Satisfaction
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