New Arrivals

Coming soon, new designs! Arch shaped Canopies for Patio Covers, Awnings, Carports and Walkways.


Our new Curved / Arched Carports & Canopies series will fit harmoniously into any setting.

These offer a complete solution, which can be used for a Carport, Veranda, Walkway, Playground Canopy, Car Park canopy and many other applications. It is completely bespoke and customisable, and you can choose to have it in any size. It comes in a white, brown, or grey powder-coated aluminium framework with a solid, clear 3mm impact-resistant polycarbonate glazing. If you require other combinations please contact us here.


Covered Walkways

Covered walkways provide shelter from building to building, so you don’t have to worry about being drenched in the rain, blown about by the wind, or slipping and sliding about in the ice or snow.

Tailored to your requirements using our bespoke design, manufacturing and installation service, our covered walkways are created with one thing in mind – to 100% meet your needs.

Made to the highest standard, using only the best quality products and materials, our freestanding and wall-mounted outdoor covered walkways are used far and wide.

From protecting staff and visitors from the elements as they enter and leave buildings, to making sure students stay dry as they make their way to and from lessons.

Car park Canopies

Our range of car canopies, carports and covered areas are extremely well suited to a number of domestic and commercial applications.

Not only do they offer peace of mind to customers and staff when they park at your premises, but they also look very stylish.

And when they’re not protecting people from the bad weather and preventing frosty windscreens, they effectively act as a shield against the sun’s harmful rays. Our Polycarbonate canopy roofs reduce exposure to UV light by 95%, preventing sun damage to the car paint.


Playground Canopy

All schools in the UK are being actively encouraged to provide shaded areas to help protect children from harmful UV rays and to provide outdoor areas that will offer weather protection. The Polycarbonate glazing used has UV filters built into it to protect against harmful rays and it has a lifespan of over 30 years.

Walkway canopies between buildings make movements between one building to another more desirable in the damp and wet, and with bespoke designs, this will enhance and complement the look of the school.

Despite high functionality and cutting-edge design, it still is available at an affordable price. We can create any type of canopy you require with modern bespoke designs in Aluminium and Polycarbonate. We can also manufacture special shapes, sizes, styles, and larger open spans canopies.