School Playground/Meeting Area Aluminium Canopies

Our Aluminium Playground Shelters enable schools to make the most of their outside space and provide their pupils with a sheltered and comfortable area in which to learn and play.

Playgrounds are some of the most influential and important spaces that children and young people spend time in, and the way they look, feel and operate can have a significant impact on the way they interact with them. Aluminium Canopies in school and communal playgrounds also allow kids to get outside, even in adverse weather conditions, as well as provide options for outdoor learning in the spring and summer months.

Aluminium Playground Canopies don’t just provide protection from the sun or rain, they act as a central, focal point for these shared spaces, and provide a community space where parents and children can gather. Creating structures and building elements that enhance the overall experience young people have in these spaces can create a positive effect on their development and wellbeing, which is the ultimate goal in many of these shared spaces.

Our School and Playground Aluminium Canopies provide school children with the perfect opportunity to learn and play outdoors in any weather.

Install one of our quality 5-Stars canopies in your garden and benefit from a stylish covered area that can be used whatever the weather. Designed to keep you cool in the hot sun, safe from UV rays, and protected on those frequent British rainy days! They are made to measure and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Speak to one of our sales team for further details on our full range of patio canopies on 0330 1071818.

Suitable Designs for School/Playground Canopies