Aluminium Smoking Area Shelters

One way you can protect smokers from the elements all year round is by installing a smoking shelter using an Aluminium Canopy. Used throughout the hospitality world, smoking canopies can be installed near or away from surrounding buildings.

Creating a designated smoking area by introducing an Aluminium Canopy smoking shelter can have many advantages for your business. Aluminium Shelters provide all year round weather protection for smokers and discourage smoking at building entrances or undesirable locations. Not only that, but they also reduce cigarette litter which can minimise the risk of fire caused by discarded butts.

A Canopy used as a Smoking Shelter can provide protection from adverse weather conditions, and from harmful UV rays on a hot day. By providing a Smoking Shelter, smokers at work are encouraged to smoke in the designated area only, keeping the rest of the working area ‘smoke-free’. Providing a designated aluminium smoking shelter canopy helps to keep building entrances clear and tidy.

Install one of our quality 5-Stars canopies in your garden and benefit from a stylish covered area that can be used whatever the weather. Designed to keep you cool in the hot sun, safe from UV rays, and protected on those frequent British rainy days! They are made to measure and comes with a 10-year guarantee. Speak to one of our sales team for further details on our full range of patio canopies on 0330 1071818.

Suitable Designs for Smoking Areas using an Aluminium Canopy