Meet Our Team

United Expertise, Infinite Possibilities: Meet Our Team

John Zhou

Managing Director

John is a tech-savvy entrepreneur with over 18 years of e-commerce experience, starting with eBay in 2003. As a co-founder of Greenrocks Mailing Services (formerly Penguin Fulfilment), he serves top industry clients like Anker, Jackery, Bluetti, EcoFlow, and Renogy. With a passion for trending technology, branding, and marketing, John has successfully founded brands like KAILIZ 3D greeting cards and SAFE-TECH.

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Tom Swinnerton

Business Development Manager

Meet Tom, an accomplished Business Development Manager known for his expertise in crafting growth strategies that seamlessly integrate innovation with strategic vision. With a steadfast dedication to client-centric principles, Tom has fostered various partnerships, leveraging collective strengths to attain shared success. We invite you to join us on a collaborative journey through the continually evolving business landscape.

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Hasher Ishtiaq

Marketing Manager

Meet Hasher, our passionate Marketing Manager. With a penchant for creativity and a keen eye for detail, Hasher plays a pivotal role in shaping our company’s narrative and ensuring its resonance in the market. Hasher has honed his skills in developing and executing effective marketing strategies across various digital platforms. He is adept at analysing campaign metrics and adjusting strategies to optimise results.

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Jack Leighton

Sales Specialist

Jack is a dynamic professional passionate about forging valuable connections and driving revenue through strategic business-to-business interactions. Jack is an integral part of our team with a unique blend of expertise, commitment, and a knack for building relationships. 

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Torkild smith

Systems Manager

Torkild is an innovative and articulate technical support professional with 25 years of work history, mainly working on web designs and providing some IT support. He is proficient in the Digital Marketing arena, which is his main area of expertise. Torkild is an excellent communicator, capable of explaining complex technical issues quickly and easily, ensuring timely resolution of problems. Torkild is Norwegian but currently lives in The UK.

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Joy Zhou

Financial Executive

Introducing Joy Zhou, an adept Financial Executive with expertise in orchestrating impeccable financial management. Joy navigates complex financial landscapes with a sharp analytical acumen, ensuring precision and compliance. Her dedication to optimizing fiscal strategies and resource allocation significantly contributes to our organization’s fiscal well-being.

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Supply-Chain Manager

Meet Fei, a Supply-Chain Manager with a proven track record of optimizing logistics for seamless operations. Asia’s strategic mindset ensures streamlined inventory control and efficient distribution. Her commitment to enhancing efficiency plays a pivotal role in fulfilling customer demands promptly.

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Ann Zhang

Operation Manager

Allow us to introduce Ann Zhang, an adept Operation Manager known for her prowess in optimizing operational strategies. With a keen eye for efficiency, Ann ensures smooth processes and effective resource allocation. Her dedication to enhancing productivity significantly contributes to the overall success of our endeavours.

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