Curved Tie Rod Carport – Side Fit [C24]

RRP £205.00£230.00 /sqm

Price may vary due to size, design and current offers.
High-quality freestanding canopy manufactured in the UK
Aluminium framework with 3mm thick UV stable clear Polycarbonate sheet secured with aluminium sealant.
All sizes have been tested to ensure they meet or exceed stress/deflections and snow loads in accordance with EN12150 and BS 5516-2.
Fast Delivery within 2 weeks* and 3D Drawing Provided

  • Aluminium framework
    SGS CE Tested & ISO 9001:2000
  • Polycarbonate Glazing
    CE Certified & ISO 9001:2000
  • Aluminium Finish Options
    1) Powdercoated Matte Grey.
    2) Powdercoated Matte Brown.
  • Guarantee
    10 years on the Aluminium framework (3 years if fitted within 5 miles of coastline), 10 years on Polycarbonate Glazing

Product Description

The Tie Rod Aluminium Carport Series fits harmoniously to any setting. Despite high functionality and cutting-edge design, it still is available at an affordable price, with the high-quality material is perfectly crafted. Not only timeless but thanks to a combination of anodised aluminium and polycarbonate that is incredibly flexible and strong.

  • Shelter the car from wind and rain. It protects your car from rust and dust, which will extend the life of the car’s paintwork.
  • Protect your car from the rising temperatures in the summer.
  • Will let the light in, but protect from the harsh UV light, it stops 95% UV light coming through.
  • Prevent windows from excess frosting during cold icy nights.
  • Offer protection against heavy wind and snowfall.
  • Convenient to use and no hassle access, especially during inclement weather as all is under an open canopy.
  • Better parking for your car.

This carport has a high-quality framework, stable and flexible, modern design the roof is made with German polycarbonate in clear glass. It is 95% protection against UV rays and 50% against infrared rays, A gutter with a drain pipe is integrated. It can hold (EX. Snow in this model 60 kg/m². The Wind Resistance Is In The Range Of 122 km/h.)

Assembly instructions are included for the DIY installation of our Carports, including all parts and fixing materials/accessories for it.

These offer a complete DIY carport kit, which can also be used for a veranda, walkway, playground canopy or many other applications. Below you will find the most popular sizes in a brown or grey powder-coated aluminium framework and the solid, clear 3mm polycarbonate sheets. If you require other combinations please use the carport parts calculator at the bottom of the page.

Additional Information

Frame Colour

Brown, Grey

Frame Type

High Strength, Standard Strength