SAFE-TECH Fire Blanket (Hard Pack)

  • Material: Premium Quality Glass Fabric.
  • This fire blanket is ideal for Kitchens, Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, Malls etc.
  • SAFE-TECH fire blanket comes in a soft pouch which can be wall-mounted.
  • The fire blanket can be deployed with little force by pulling down the straps.
  • Certified to BS EN 1869:2019.
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SAFE-TECH manufactures fire blankets from specially treated fiberglass fabric. This Fire blanket extinguishes fire by depriving it of oxygen. We house these in secure plastic boxes. You can effortlessly deploy our blankets by pulling down the straps.

Furthermore, its recommended to hold this product in a shield position while using it. Also, if possible, wrap it around your hands for added protection. These fireproof blankets comply with the British Standard BS EN 1869:2019.

While people commonly install safety blankets in kitchens, they have versatile applications and can be utilised in educational, residential, and industrial settings. Their effectiveness in controlling fires makes them an essential safety measure. When smothering fires, leave the blanket wrapped around the object to avoid re-ignition.

This product comes with a five years warranty, giving peace of mind. We recommend to check this product every six months. Check the instructions on the back for how to unfold and fold the blanket securely. Never reuse a used or blanket. Dispose of a used or damaged blanket securely.

SAFE-TECH’s blankets provide reliable and efficient suppression. Giving individuals peace of mind and enhanced safety in the event of an emergency.

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