SAFE-TECH Fire Resistant Floor Mat

  • Fire Resistant Floor Mat
  • Size: 24″ x 42″
  • Material: Fireproof Fiberglass Fabric with Silicone Coating on both sides
  • Temperature Resistance: This mat can withstand Temperatures as high as 550°C*.
EAN: 5060956740653
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SAFE-TECH Fire Resistant Floor Mat – the perfect solution for keeping your floors safe and clean. While using fireplaces, BBQs, heaters, and other outdoor activities. Made of premium fiberglass fabric coated with silicone on both sides. Making this mat waterproof, oil-resistant, fireproof, and easy to clean.

This mat can withstand high temperatures also ash, and flames, making it a reliable choice for any indoor or outdoor fire-related activities. Its fire-resistant design ensures that your floors remain safe and protected, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy your favourite outdoor activities. Equipped with cutting-edge safety features, the SAFE-TECH Floor Mat provides an added layer of protection. Its unique composition includes a fire-retardant core that effectively absorbs heat and prevents the mat from igniting. Additionally, the mat’s non-slip surface ensures secure footing, reducing the chances of slips and falls during emergency situations.

Invest in the best and keep your floors safe and clean with the Fire-Resistant Floor Mat. Its high-quality design ensures that it will last for years, providing you with a reliable solution for all outdoor fire-related activities.

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