SAFE-TECH Fire Safety Logbook

  • A4 Printed Logbook
  • Protective Film For Longevity
  • Comprehensive Fire Safety Records
  • Record of Key Contacts
  • Compliant to: Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
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SAFE-TECH Fire Safety Logbook is designed to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requirements. The SAFE-TECH Fire Safety Logbook stands as a testament to simplicity and clarity, therefore, providing user-friendly instructions that effortlessly guide users through the process. This logbook is an invaluable resource, enabling businesses to streamline their fire safety protocols and efficiency.

With its expansive 37 pages, professionally printed in an A4 format. This logbook guarantees ample space for recording all fire safety maintenance and location records. From essential contacts to intricate details of fire safety apparatus, every aspect finds its rightful place within these pages. Therefore creating a comprehensive repository of vital information.

The logbook features meticulously crafted bookmarks that serve as indispensable references, expediting swift checks and boosting overall productivity. With these handy bookmarks at your disposal, locate specific sections pertaining to weekly fire alarm tests, monthly emergency lighting checks, false alarm records, fire extinguisher inspections, hose reel maintenance, fire door evaluations, fire blanket assessments, sprinkler system reviews, fire training logs, evacuation drill records, miscellaneous tests, and inspector visits becomes an effortless endeavor.

Employing the SAFE-TECH Fire Safety Logbook transcends mere regulatory compliance; it represents a commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to fire safety. By diligently utilizing this logbook, businesses can still have confidence in their fire safety protocols, ensuring that each intricate aspect is meticulously documented and managed.

These 37 pages are a professionally printed A4 Book for recording all fire safety maintenance & location records within your premises. Including:

  • Essential Contacts
  • Weekly Test Fire Alarm
  • Monthly Test Emergency Lighting
  • Record Of False Alarms
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Hose Reel
  • Fire Door
  • Fire Blanket
  • Sprinkler
  • Fire Training
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Miscellaneous Test
  • Inspector Visits

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