SAFE-TECH Multi-Sensor Smoke, Heat and CO Detector

The SAFE-TECH Interlinked Multi Sensor Smoke, Heat, and CO Detector is a cutting-edge safety solution for your home or business. With its advanced 3-in-1 sensor system, it provides comprehensive protection against smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide, ensuring your loved ones’ safety. Its tamper-proof battery lasts for ten years, offering long-lasting peace of mind.

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Product Description

SAFE-TECH offers an Interlinked Multi Sensor Smoke, Heat, and CO Detector that ensures ultimate safety. This detector is highly efficient and effective, combining three important sensors in one device.

It provides comprehensive protection by detecting smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide. It is designed with advanced technology and features, making it a top choice for safety and reliability. This detector meets UK safety standards such as BS EN 14604:2005 (Smoke), BS EN 50291-1:2018 (CO), and BS EN 5446-2:2003 (Heat). It also complies with UKCA and CE requirements, giving you peace of mind.

The detector has a tamper-proof battery that lasts for ten years. With a 10-year product life, you don’t need to worry about battery replacements for a decade.

You can wirelessly link it with other SAFE-TECH Interlinked Detectors for maximum coverage. Its innovative design blends seamlessly with any interior. Moreover, this detector complies with Scottish law, making it ideal for Scottish homeowners. Prioritise the safety of your loved ones and property with the 3-in-1 Multi Sensor Smoke, Heat, and CO Detector.

* Battery life may vary based on configuration, application usage, power management settings, and features.
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Battery Type Built in Tamper-proof Battery (CR 123A)
Battery Life 10 years* (with normal usage)
Product Warranty 2 Years
Sensor Type Photoelectric, Thermistor & CO
Standby Current < 6uA
Alarm Current < 50mA
Working Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C
Relative Humidity 93%RH
Low Voltage Threshold 2.6V
Alarm Mode LED & Buzzer
Alarm Temperature 54°C ~ 70°C/Min
Alarm Sound >85dB/3m
Compliant To BS EN 14604: 2005/
BS EN 50291-1: 2018
BS EN 5446-2: 2003

CO: Alarm density

50ppm Alarms not activate within 120 minutes
50-100ppm Alarms within 90 minutes
100-300ppm Alarm with 40 minutes
300ppm Alarm within 3 minutes

1 x Smoke & Heat & Carbon Monoxide Alarm
1 x Mounting Bracket
2 x Screws
2 x Anchor Plugs
1 x Manual