Garden PINK Hose Nozzle Water Sprayer High Pressure with Heavy Duty 8 Spray Patterns

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PINK Garden Hose Nozzle Water Sprayer High Pressure with Heavy Duty, 8 Spray Patterns, Pistol Grip Front Trigger for Watering Plants, Showering Pets, Cleaning and Car Wash

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• ???Multifunctional Hose Nozzle?Garden tap adaptor, hose quick connector, popular garden watering tools kit.

• ???Soft Contour Handle For Comfort Grip?Easy to operate and your Hand Won’t Tire Slip-resistant and ergonomic design comforts your hand. “It’s so light, yet so strong – It’s really solid”. Made from a durable plastic combination, the garden hose nozzle feels really professional. Striking two tones, black and orange colouring looks great, easily found on the green garden grand, and compliments garden tool set.

• ???Water Flow Control Knob?The water hose nozzle has a brass switch control that helps adjust the water pressure and control the water flow, avoiding water waste.

• ???Nozzle Can Be Adjusted to Give 8 Spray Patterns?CENTER, MIST, SHOWER, JET, SOAKER, FLAT, CONE, RINSE designed to provide exceptional comfort making every watering and cleaning duty effortless and efficient. You’ll surely enjoy gardening like a pro!. Use the shower setting to water plants, mist setting to wash your dog or jet setting to wash your car, you will find the needs when you get it on your hands!

• ???Packaging Including?2 X Pink Spray/Hose Nozzle


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