WAZMAN Cool Water Filter Jug and Cartridge – 2.6L

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2 Colours – Send randomly.

Wide Cartridge Compatibility:
Compatible with Brita Maxtra, Maxtra+ cartridges, also other brands cartridges that compatible with Maxtra, Maxtra+

Wazman IERE 6.0 cartridges apply 5-stage filtration system, eliminate suspended particles, Chlorine, odour; remove heavy metal Lead, Mercury; avoid bacteria growing; retain necessary elements such as Calcium and Magnesium.
1.4L filtered water with 2.6L total capacity; Flip-top lid for easy refilling; Spout and funnel connected precisely avoid the mixing of filtered water and raw water.
Electronic indicator notifies you when to replace the filter cartridge, 30 days; Ergonomic handle for comfortable pouring; Dishwasher safe (except lid).
1 filter cartridge replace 300 standard bottled water, save money and reduce plastic waste. High-efficiency filter cartridge can provide enough good-taste water for your family.
BPA free, food-grade materials.
Wazman Ion-Exchange Resin Exchanger (IERE 6.0) achieves filtration rates 10 billion molecules per second. Mixed with activated carbon and ion exchange resin, multi-stages filtration technology of ANANO filter can eliminate impurities, improve taste, and effectively remove chlorine from tap water, while retaining essential elements such as calcium and magnesium, accelerate body metabolism. Wazman will bring you unprecedented experience:

  • Improve hydration – Help your body function at its best
  • Replenish body fluids – Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially after physical activity
  • Anti-ageing – Slow down the body’s ageing and keep the skin sleek
  • Economic – 1 filter can replace 300 regular bottled water
  • Nature-friendly – Reduce the use of plastic bottles and the non-degradable waste

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